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How do I install this?

Inventory Inspector

To use it, you must have the "inv_inspector" privilege and type the command "/inv <playername>" A formspec will be displayed on the screen showing both the player's main inventory and crafting inventory. The formspec is automatically updated, allowing moderators to view player inventory changes in real time.


  • MIT License (MIT) for the code.



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  • It's nice

    This mod is useful to keep a server safe. Good idea. You might add a function only accessible by the server owner, or admins in general, and this function would grant the admin to take from the player's invetory an item and put it in our inventory or destroy it, because some people have hack clients, get illegals items, and it could be good to be able to take them these items. Because clear the entire inventory for a single item isn't very fair. Else, very nice mod.