Inventory Manager

Allows you to view and edit the inventory of the players

Chat / Commands GUI

Download (3 KB)
For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?

To use it, you must have the "inv_manager" privilege and type the command "/invm <playername>", "/invc <playername>" A formspec will be displayed on the screen showing both the player's inventory. The formspec is automatically updated, allowing moderators to view and edit player inventory changes in real time.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • A duplicate mod, with a few things better I guess

    That is a link to another inventory manager with almost the same name. Maybe you could change that to be less confusing?

    However, this inventory manager looks a little better and has a better UI then Zemtzov7's.

    So this is a duplicate (operation wise) of the other with a few additions. Maybe a pull request to the other would have been better? Either way, maybe try making yours a little more unique. Editing "Inventory Manager" to have a few more features (Maybe temporary item "renting" or barter tables between players?) and changing the name (Maybe "Multiplayer Inventory Editor" or something) will probably help distinguish it from the other mod.

    EDIT lol this already has an unhelpful tag. If the other one is so unpopular it wasn't noticed in the making of this mod and won't affect it, then I'll remove this review :D