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For Minetest 5.1 and above

How do I install this?

This mod provides a way for any user to buy and trade anywhere they are by typing in the command /online_shopping.

There is a node called 'Shop Server' which asks for two user inputs when opening it's interface on right click. It asks for a shop name, and an item label name. The shop name describes the name of the shop, that what you are trading belongs to, and the item label is the name that will be displayed for what you are trading.

The information you provide on these nodes will show on an interface when you type /online_shopping.

No more than one player can use the same shop name. When a player deletes all of their shops that belong to a shop name, it opens up the ability for another player to use that shop name. And of coarse nobody can edit or delete a shop server that was not placed by them.

Commands - * /my_shops Shows a list of shops that are owned by you.

Admin Features - Don't you think that the list of shops can have spam? No worries!!!

Those with the privilege 'online_shop_admin' can manage the shops that appear for all players with the command /manage_shops and other commands.

When a player types /manage_shops an interface shows up listing all shops. You can delete a shop if you think it should not exist. Deleting a shop will delete all the Shop Server nodes that are connected that shop and remove the shop from the list of shops. There is also an 'Update All' button. If you or someone used the 'worldedit' mod or another feature to remove nodes in mass amounts, the 'Shop Server' nodes that were affected by that feature, will not update what is shown in the list of stores, which can crash a server if you click on the store or it's items in /online_shopping. If you click the 'Update All' button, this will resolve the issue.

Other admin commands -

  • /show_player_shops <player> This will list all shops owned by the specified player.
  • /delete_player_shops <player> You can delete all shops owned by a specific player.
  • /online_shop_ban <player> Bans a player from placing a 'Shop Server' node.
  • /online_shop_unban <player> Unbans a player from placing a 'Shop Server' node.



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