How do I install this?

Animates the character. Resembles playeranim and headanim.

Depends on modlib. Code written by Lars Mueller aka LMD or appguru(eu) and licensed under the MIT license. Media (player model) was created by MTG contributors (MirceaKitsune, stujones11 and An0n3m0us) and is licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

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  • Animates head, right arm & body
  • Advantages over playeranim:
  • Extracts exact animations and bone positions from glTF models
  • Also animates attached players (with restrictions on angles)
  • Advantages over headanim:
  • Provides compatibility for Minetest 5.2.0 and lower
  • Head angles are clamped, head can tilt sideways
  • Animates right arm & body as well


  1. If you want to use a custom model, install binarystream from LuaRocks:
  2. sudo luarocks install binarystream on many UNIX-systems
  3. Add player_animations to secure.trusted_mods (or disable mod security)
  4. Do /ca
  5. Install and use character_anim like any other mod



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