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Cycle Limit (cycle_limit)

Makes switching between inventory slots take time.


Cycle Limit only depends on modlib. Code by Lars Mueller aka LMD or appguru(eu) and licensed under the MIT license.

Part of the Limit Series: item_limit, place_limit and cycle_limit


  • When switching between inventory slots, the item you are switching to will be "hidden"
  • A bar appears showing you the time left, and after it's over (or if you switch again) the hidden items reappear
  • During switching you can only use your hand
  • Hidden items are not lost if the server crashes
  • cycle_limit priv allows evasion
  • Alternative mode works by granting/removing interact
  • To prevent players from having interact, revoke both interact and interact_mods

Known issues:

  • The item is temporarily removed from the inventory
  • Can't be circumvented because else get_wield_item would return item that is being switched to
  • Accordingly, it can't be seen




Configuration can be found under <worldpath>/conf/cycle_limit.json.

Default configuration:

    "name": "Switching",
    "duration": 2,
    "color": "545AA7",
    "interact": true
  • name is the timer name
  • duration is the time it takes to switch in seconds
  • color is a hex color (but without #)
  • interact is a boolean indicating whether the interact privilege should be revoked



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Good idea

    It probably would be fun playing pvp with a friend, there are many possibilities.

  • GREAT potential for immersive RPG games!

    This mod can add a touch of realism to item selection and wielding, although it's maybe better suited for tools rather than any item because of their weight. I can think of many applications for it: RPGs, PVP servers, immersive singleplayer, etc...