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Kill History (deathlist)

A mod displaying a colored list of recent kills/deaths and the causes(killer, used item).


Depends on modlib and - depending on your configuration - also other mods. If you use the default configuration, it depends on default and fire. Note: If there are other mods registering on_punchplayer or on_hp_change handlers, add them to the dependency list to make sure they execute before deathlist. Licensed under MIT.




deathlist provides a few internal functions, but the most common way to trigger a custom message is passing a custom type to set_hp:

-- example, kills player
player:set_hp(0, {
    -- killer, required
    killer = {
        -- name, required
        name = "singleplayer",
        -- color, optional integer, will be completed if valid playername
        color = 0xFFFFFF
    -- method, required
    method = {
        -- image of used method, required
        image = "blank.png",
        -- name for logging, optional
        name = "blank"
    -- victim, optional overrides
    victim = {
        -- name, optional
        name = "singleplayer",
        -- color, optional
        color = 0xFFFFFF


Default Configuration

  "hud_base_offset": {"x":0,"y":-122},
  "enable_environmental": true,
  "enable_unknown": false,
  "enable_forbidden_playernames": true,
  "environmental_reasons": {
      "color":{"r": 255, "g": 255, "b":  255},
      "color":{"r": 255, "g": 255, "b":  255},
      "color":{"r": 105, "g": 201, "b":  231},
      "nodes": {
        "default:water_flowing" : { "name" : "Water" }
      "color":{"r": 255, "g": 255, "b":  255},
      "nodes": {
        "default:lava_flowing" : { "name" : "Lava", "color" : {"r": 244, "g": 114, "b": 9}, "method" : "fire_basic_flame.png" },
        "default:lava_source" : { "color" : {"r": 244, "g": 114, "b": 9}, "method" : "fire_basic_flame.png" }



Maximum amount of messages to be displayed. Number > 0.


String, either "stack" or "list". Specifies message orientation. A stack means that the most recent message is always on the top, while list means exactly the opposite.


Can be set to false or a positive number in seconds. Specifies how often messages are removed despite having enough space left for the purpose of not cluttering the HUD.


X- and Y-Coordinate, numbers, position on HUD.


X- and Y-Offset, numbers in pixels(?).


Boolean, whether to enable environmental reasons inside kill history.


Boolean, whether to enable unknown (none of falling, drowning or node_damage) reasons inside kill history.


Boolean, whether to disallow certain playernames in order to reduce confusion(such as "Lava", "Water", "Falling" or "Something")


Table/Dictionairy of possible deaths due to environment.

Basic structure of a kill message
  • name of killing thing, colorized using a color(table/dictionairy, r/g/b)
  • method used by the killing thing, a texture. If "generate" is specified and a node is responsible, the node texture will be used.
falling / unknown

Player died through falling or an unknown reason; no node responsible. One definition of name, color and method.

drowning / node_damage

Player died by drowning node or by taking node damage. A node must be responsible. Using the nodes table/dictionairy, you can specify overrides for each specific node concerning name, color, and method. If not specified, default values are taken.



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