Kill History

Adds a kill history

Kill History(deathlist)

A mod displaying a colored list of recent kills/deaths and the causes(killer, used item).


Depends on modlib and - depending on your configuration - also other mods. If you use the default configuration, it depends on default and fire. Note: If there are other mods registering on_punchplayer or on_hp_change handlers, add them to the dependency list to make sure they execute before deathlist. Licensed under MIT.




deathlist provides a few internal functions, but the most common way to trigger a custom message is passing a custom type to set_hp:

-- example, kills player
player:set_hp(0, {
    -- killer, required
    killer = {
        -- name, required
        name = "singleplayer",
        -- color, optional integer, will be completed if valid playername
        color = 0xFFFFFF
    -- method, required
    method = {
        -- image of used method, required
        image = "blank.png",
        -- name for logging, optional
        name = "blank"
    -- victim, optional overrides
    victim = {
        -- name, optional
        name = "singleplayer",
        -- color, optional
        color = 0xFFFFFF