Item Limit

Limits the amount of items of certain types in player inventories

Inventory Survival

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Item Limit (item_limit)

A mod limiting items in player inventories.

How unfair ! That player has more apples than I can count !

- me, playing Minetest

Problem solved by this mod.


Help can be found under in the same folder as this.

Depends on modlib and default.

Please note that this mod may not work along well with other mods overriding on_node_drop or the item entity.

Licensed under the MIT License. Written by Lars Mueller alias LMD or appguru(eu).

Symbolic Representation

Symbolic Representation

  • GitHub - sources, issue tracking, contributing
  • Discord - discussion, chatting
  • Minetest Forum - (more organized) discussion
  • ContentDB - releases (cloning from GitHub is recommended)



JSON Configuration : <worldpath>/config/item_limit.json

Text Logs : <worldpath>/logs/item_limit/<date>.json

Explaining document(this, Markdown) : <modpath/gamepath>/item_limit/

Readme : <modpath/gamepath>/item_limit/

Default Configuration

Located under <modpath/gamepath>/item_limit/default_config.json

  "player_inventory_lists": ["main", "craft"],
  "limits" : {
    "by_item_name" : {},
    "by_group_name" : {}
  "disable_item_override" : false,
  "disable_node_drop_override" : false,
  "disable_on_craft" : false,
  "disable_on_inventory_action" : false,
  "disable_itemlimit_skip" : false



A list. Specifies which inventory lists should be taken into account for item limits. For instance, it makes almost no sense and is not recommended to include the craft preview list. By default only the main inventory("main") and the crafting grid("craft") are considered.


Limits items in the player's inventory by their name. Key is the full item name, like default:dirt. Value is the maximum amount that may be in a player's inventory, as number.


Works similar to by_item_name, but instead of the per item, items are limited based on their group. If you, for example, wanted to limit the maximum amount of sticks in a player's inventory, you can use stick, the full group name, as key.


Disable dropping items which may not be taken directly when crafted. If set to true, the player will have to manually drop the items he can't put into his inventory.


Disable the itemlimit skip privilege, which allows players to ignore the item limit.

Other disable_* flags

Disable several barriers disallowing players to exceed their item limit, such as the item override(player can exceed limit through picking up items), the on_node_drop override(player can exceed limit through digging nodes), etc. It is not recommmended to set these to true.



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