Magic Potions

Potions which grant player effects

Magic Potions (magic_potions)

Magic potions which grant the player temporary effects.


Help can be found under in the same folder as this.

Depends on the latest modlib and hud_timers.

Code licensed under the MIT license. Written by Lars Mueller alias LMD or appguru(eu).





Install the mod like any other, using git clone or installing via ContentDB & the in-game content manager. Enable it, modlib & hud_timers and you're ready to enjoy some potions!


There are 3 levels of strength, from minor (weak) over ordinary (medium) to strong (best).

5 different potion types provide flying (antigravity), jumping (higher), (running) speed, healing (regeneration) and air (breathing, breath regen).

This makes for a total of 15 colorful potions. All effects are lost on death, and you can only use 3 at a time. They all have limited durations.


Mostly self-documenting code. Mod namespace is magic_potions, containing all variables & functions.