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Respawn Timer (respawn_timer)

Forces players to wait a set duration before respawning.


Depends on modlib. Licensed under the MIT License. Written by Lars Mueller aka LMD or appguru(eu).



  • GitHub - sources, issue tracking, contributing
  • Discord - discussion, chatting
  • Minetest Forum - (more organized) discussion
  • ContentDB - releases (cloning from GitHub is recommended)


  • Player is actually dead while dead (player:get_hp() == 0). This minimizes breakage of other mods.
  • Custom respawn formspec (simple button).
  • Enhanced security: Actions of dead players (chatting, inventory, ...) are forbidden.
  • Basic persistence: Rejoining will only reset the timer.


Relies on multiple hacks and thus imposes the following limitations on other mods:

  • No manual modification of the minetest.registered_on_dieplayers table on_mods_loaded
  • No insertion at index 1 of the minetest.registered_on_chat_messages table on_mods_loaded
  • Mods doing this have to be listed as optional dependencies
  • Mods using bone position overrides on nonstandard bones have to use the API for those to be preserved properly
  • Standard bone names are "Head", "Body", "Arm_Right", "Arm_Left", "Leg_Right", "Leg_Left"
  • respawn_timer.bone_names_by_model["<filename>.<ext>"] = { "Bone_1", "Bone_2", ... } including standard bone names if used
  • If both bone position and rotation are set to { x = 0, y = 0, z = 0 }, the bone will be ignored

Respawning can be done using respawn_timer.respawn(player_ref), the timer can be modified by altering the exposed table

respawn_timer.timer = {
    name = "Respawn",
    duration = 5,
    color = "FF00FF"



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