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Minetest 5.8 and below

How do I install this?

Texture Generator (texgen)

Dynamically generates a texture pack for your current game in the textures directory.


  • Compatible with virtually all mods and games
  • Easy texture pack generation, no complex installation
  • Server-side (mod-based) texture pack; textures can be accessed by other mods


Just fire up the mod and configure it to your liking. It might throw an error message as it updates its mod.conf to depend on all enabled mods. Simply retry after that.

Downloading palettes

You can use the /download_palette <url> chatcommand to download a PNG palette file, for example /download_palette

See /help download_palette for details on its usage.

Requires the server priv. Only available if texgen is added to both secure.http_mods and secure.trusted_mods.

WARNING: Enabling this feature poses a minor security risk.



Replace each texture with a single pixel of its weighted average RGB color

  • Type: boolean
  • Default: false


Invert the RGB colors

  • Type: boolean
  • Default: false


Convert RGB to monochrome (greyscale)

  • Type: boolean
  • Default: false



Dithering method to use

  • Type: string
  • Default: floyd_steinberg
  • Possible values:
  • sierra
  • stucke
  • sierra_lite
  • jarvis_judice_ninke
  • floyd_steinberg
  • none
  • two_row_sierra
  • burkes
  • atkinson


Name of the palette to use (without extension)

  • Type: string
  • Default: apollo
  • Possible values:
  • soggy-newspapers
  • apollo
  • zughy-32
  • aap-64
  • pico-8
  • resurrect-64


Increase or decrease saturation by a factor

  • Type: number
  • Default: 1
  • >= 0.1
  • <= 10
  • GitHub - sources, issue tracking, contributing
  • Discord - discussion, chatting
  • Minetest Forum - (more organized) discussion
  • ContentDB - releases (downloading from GitHub is recommended)


Code written by Lars Müller (appgurueu) and licensed under the MIT license; builtin Minetest media licensed under various free Creative Commons licenses as well as the Apache 2 license (see LICENSE.txt in the builtin folder for details and attribution).

The palettes are (for copyright reasons shuffled) versions of palettes available on Lospec:

  • Adigun A. Polack's "AAP-64"
  • AdamCYounis' "Apollo"
  • Lexaloffle Games' "PICO-8"
  • Kerrie Lake's "Resurrect 64"
  • Walking's "Soggy Newspapers"
  • Zughy's "Zughy 32"



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Interesting and Fun

    A fun mod to fiddle around with. Got some pretty cool results. There seems to be a bug where sometimes you have to reload minetest for a newly downloaded palette to show up