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Minetest mod "Jukebox"

Version: 2.0

License of source code


License of textures

(by Authors)

  • BlockMen (WTFPL):
    • jukebox_disc_*.png (added coulors by lightonflux)

License of music: CC0

The authors are ( - cheesepuff (song1) - geerterig (song2) - rap2h (song3) - keffstay (song4) - usedtobe (song5) - zagi2 (song6)


This mod is only useable with Minetest 5.0 or above!


In the Jukebox plus mod you've got 9 different music discs.

You can add music by copy your ogg file to the sounds folder and renaming them to e.g. this: jukebox_disc_2.0.ogg But pay attention that the sounds have to be mono, else you can hear the music all over the world.

There are 9 discs so there are the sound files jukebox_disc_1.*.ogg to jukebox_disc_9.*.ogg. The small star can be replaced by the numbers 0 to 9.

So you can have up to 9x10 (90) songs!

Using the mod

To use the jukebox, you have to craft one. You need 8 wood and 1 mese crystal to craft it following way:

wood      wood      wood
wood  mese crystal  wood
wood      wood      wood

Just rightclick with a music disc in your hand on the jukebox and it will play a random song from this disc. To stop the music rightclick the box again and it will drop the music disc.

API Documentation

The jukebox mod offers a simple API to register new discs. See here how to use it:

jukebox.register_disc("mymod:new_disc", {
    description = "New Disc",
    -- ^ The item description
    inventory_image = "mymod_new_disc.png",
    -- ^ The disc image / texture
    music_name = "mymod_new_disc",
    -- ^ This is the sound that'll be played if you insert the disc

    -- if you want to you can add here more options as in minetest.register_craftitem (except stack_max)



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