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This mod add a report list of players to minetest.
A Player can only report an other player ones!
Players can be reported by just typing /report <name> <reason>

You can show the reportlist formspec: /reportlist
Reset a player reports with: /report_reset <name>

It's compatible with xban and sban

License: MIT

Created by Lejo



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  • nice mod but.....

    hi. the mod is nice but i hasnt seen a config and there is a small problem with a situation. when a guy starts to spam or to make bad things and he isnt longer online then a player isnt able to report this guy. it will be nice when you think about this situation too. i think to change the function to something how this....

    -- Add the report Command minetest.register_chatcommand("report", { privs = {shout = true}, params = "<name> <reason>", description = "Use it to report players, if they are hacking, cheating...", func = function(name, param) local reported, reason = param:match("(%S+)%s+(.+)") if type(reported) == "string" and type(reason) == "string" then if minetest.player_exists(reported) then if name ~= reported and minetest.get_player_ip(name) ~= minetest.get_player_ip(reported) then minetest.get_player_by_name(reported) reportlist.add_reporter(reported, name, reason) minetest.log("action", "Player "..reported.." has been reported by " return true, reported.." has been reported!" else return false, "You can't report yourself or somebody out of you ip-Group." end else return false, "The Player doesn't exist." end else return false, "Please specific a playername and a reason" end end, })

    is a good solution too. because with this you have this case too fixed.