A basic exploration, mining, crafting and building sandbox game with no NPCs, monsters or animals.

Minetest Game improved Singleplayer-focused

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For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?


Minebase is a game for the Minetest Engine. It is a fork of Minetest Game and thus shares many features with it, but much of the code was refactored to address the discontent with it. This implies that many mods made for Minetest Game won't work in this game. You have to check the dependencies of the mods to be sure. If a mod depends on default or another mod that has been removed or changed significantly, you will get error messages.
Similar to Minetest Game, this game is a base for modding. I am going to add mods with new features, but mods like "More Trees" or "Minetest Game Plus" are not going to be added. Regarding mods quality is more important than quantity. In case you like to mod and want to contribute to this project, use the appropriate tools on Gitlab.

Version is the first release.

API Documentation

I started to write documentations for the APIs of the modules, but stopped doing so because nearly nobody showed interest in the game. If people start playing it, I am going to work on it again.


Unzip the archive, rename the folder to minebase and place it in a games folder. A more extensive explanation can be found here.

The Minetest engine can be found at GitHub.


It is possible to convert a Minetest Game world to a Minebase world, but I didn't write a script to convert a Minebase world back. That is the reason why you should create a backup before converting your world. Keep in mind that some mods made for Minetest Game, won't run with Minebase.
This game does not support v6.
legacy.lua was dropped.
TNT was removed because I want the theme of this game to be more medieval.


In case you want to contribute to this game, the code should be structured similar to the modpacks already included. The modpack should at least consist of two mods, one that provides an API and a second mod using it. Registry functions that directly or indirectly rely on one of the minetest.register_* functions, should expect two arguments, the name and a definition as a table. If you spot bugs or want to improve the code otherwise, feel free to open issues.


This project uses a modified version of SemVer for version numbers. In addition to a major, minor and patch number there is a age number. On every birthday this number is incremented and all other numbers are reset to 0 (Age.Major.Minor.Patch). The birthday is the day of my first commit to this repository on Nov 1 2020. It was a Sunday at 12:27:53 to be exact.



Do you recommend this game?

  • Could be great, but breaks most mods

    I like it, it is a good basis for modding, but it just breaks mods that require default for no reason other than the author wants a different experience. But, the code is really neat, clean, and modular, and I want to support this game in future with my mod(s). It will require me to completely rewrite huge chunks of code, but the good news is that will get me way closer to Mineclone2 and Nodecore compatibility. I'll continue to play it, and update this review as I find other quirks/features.

  • MTG otra vez

    Se parece demasiado a MTG, es aburrido



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