Wilhelmines Texture Pack

Wilhelmines Texture Pack – Inspired by the colors of Nature!


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Wilhelmines Texture Pack – Inspired by the colors of Nature!

A new Texture Pack for the lovers of natural colors and landscapes.

When you open the main folder of the texture pack, you can now find a folder with sub-folders for optional grass side heights. Just copy them over the files in the main folder to activate your preferred height.

(Partially) supported mods:

-PaleoTest -Water Life - Xocean -Farming -Nether -Spears -Bows -3D Armor

Update 1.6

-Corrected Ethereal Support (New texture names)

Update 1.5:

Better coloured beds, ladders, some mobs_redo textures, improved flowing fluid textures (Lava, Water) Complete new water texture, but kept in old style.

Update 1.4:

-Updated Nether Support -Reworked Nether Textures -Added textures for Chests

Update 1.3:

Added textures for Doors, Trapdoors, Glass and Fences

Update 1.2:

-Added Spears Support -Added Bows Support -Added 3D Armor Support -Added textures for Default Tools

Update 1.1:

-Added Ethereal Support -Changed Obsidian Textures -Updated Farming Support

Update 1.62

-Some basic texture changes -Sharpened specific textures and added shadows to litter sides for more depth



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