Ingame timer for showing current playtime, current day time, ingame time, etc.


mTimer is a mod that allows players to individually configure and show a timer as permanent HUD element that automatically updates every second. The timer can show the real-world time and the ingame time as well as the current play session starting time and duration in freely configurable formats.

HUD element

Use it on your public server to give your players additional value (players can individually hide the timer if they want) while being on your server or use it in your singleplayer world to stay informed or – when creating creative content for others to watch – give your viewers a hint on when the footage was recorded.

Some More Details

The timer display and settings are entirely configured on a per-player basis via configuration formspecs. For opening the main menu simply enter the /mtimer chat command. From the main menu all configuration formspecs are accessible.

Main menu

Some formspecs allow you to use variables. The variables and their current (i.e. the moment when opening the formspec) values are shown below the input field. For example, to use the day name in the formspec shown below simply enter {dname}.

Real world time format

Configuration formspecs can also be accessed directly by providing the respective parameter to the [icode]/mtimer[/icode] chat command. Run [icode]/mtimer help[/icode] to see a list of available parameters.

Available languages are English (default), German, and Italian.