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For Minetest 0.4.16/17 and above

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The Chess for minetest.

Uses a real-sized board, node-to-node. Provides the player with a board and pieces. No rules as of now. is the original discussion of this mod. Original contributors are listed there.

The license was WTFPL, but it's harmful for the free software community due to its unclear nature and offensive language, so I relicensed it under GPLv3 (since the original license allows that) -- to keep the software free as in freedom and allow for clearer licensing terms.

The original had some sort of piece ownerships, but who needs that? Like in real life, you can take and place ANY piece on the board. Coming soon: registering your own chess pieces. ANARCHY chess! PLAY your CHESS normally! PUNCH your board and your opponent! KICK, KISS, ENSLAVE! Spread RADIOACTIVE WASTE all over the BOARD! BLOW EVERYTHING UP! And then get banned for griefing.



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  • Great addition

    I saw it someday at YourLand server and forgot to search it, but now it's here! I like the idea to play chess with more people watching, so I bring it to my server too. And, I made some personal improvements, because I need a way to reset it quickly without removing the board, so in my version if the player punches the first left node, from white side position, the board will be reseted. See it at my github.