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Reject tradition, embrace modernity. For those tired of default MTG maps. Crafting recipes for TechAge hackers available.

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Why did you make this? Who FORCED you?!

Me and my friends (comrades) often play on my techage survival + warfare server. One figured out that she can craft a map and just blast players through walls with her 200-watt mapborne gaze.

I ought to forbid such abuse.

For default maps can be crafted in the very beginning of survival, even with TechAge, they grant too much power to a new player. This mod makes maps (GPS and the Radar) only available in TA3/TA4. They require batteries and are quite limited in lifetime (replaceable batteries!). Moreover, it does something better than just replacing recipes: if you do not have a radar or a GPS switched on in your inventory (rephrasing: if you don't see), you aren't seen either.

Is seen the one who sees.



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