Propel yourself through space with this new invention. Zero-G recommended. Check settings for tweaks.

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How do I install this?

Recommended settings: 1. Zero or small gravity (vertical acceleration); 2. Zero acceleration in mid-air.

Ride a fire in the sky (it doesn't look like fire, to be honest).

Usage manual:

Upon crafting an unloaded thruster, you should craft a propellant canister. You can manufacture an empty one just in case you are planning on crafting a loaded one later. A full propellant tank can be loaded into an unloaded thruster: right-click while holding the thruster. A clicking sound I recorded with my phone should indicate that the task has been completed. Now you're ready to take off.


In settings you may want to disable the mid-thrust pause. Disabling it is recommended if you want to have some fun in a normal world with strong enough gravity, and disabling it is also NOT recommended due to insane speeds you can reach. Fun for races, though.



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