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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Visuals include HUD effect and fire particles around player. You can put yourself out by jumping into water/snow.


  • Thanks to TenPlus1 for 3d_armor support and some other things


  • fire_plus.burn_player(player, burns, damage)
  • Sets player on fire and burns them burns times with damage damage every second
  • fire_plus.tnt_explode_radius
  • How close to a TNT node a player has to be to detonate it
  • fire_plus.ignition_nodes
  • Nodes that set players on fire. See the init.lua for examples
  • fire_plus.extinguishers
  • Nodes that put out burning players. See the init.lua for examples
  • Fire tools
  • You can allow modders to make tools light punched players on fire
  • Just set tool_capabilities.damage_groups.burns = <How much damage to do each burn>
  • There's also tool_capabilities.damage_groups.burn_time = <How many times to burn the player>



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