Your ship has crashed, armed with a few tools you must harvest meteorites to repair your ship while fighting off hordes of aliens

Jam / Game 2022 Multiplayer-focused Player vs Environment (PvE) Survival Tools / Weapons / Armor

Download (9.1 MB)
For Minetest 5.6 and above

How do I install this?

The aliens attack the most at night

Playing with a friend or two is recommended

  • Contact me on Discord LandarVargan#8968 or the forums for a server to play together on

Things not created during the jam

  • mods/mtg/* Mods from MTG
  • mods/torrl_map/torrl_mapgen/ Base code taken from Voxel Knights
  • tnt mod code is used in torrl_effects explosion
  • mods/show_wielded_item and mods/wield3d

SPOILER/CHEAT for people having a hard time:

You can build your base over a ravine to pretty much 100% rule out attacks from the alien mobs. All you need to do then is fly up the the alien ships and explode their power cores, and occasionally drop down to repair laster blast damage



Do you recommend this game?

  • Has potential

    OVERVIEW - Torrlund A pretty intresting game with intresting mechanics. I feel the gameplay kind of got repetitive, and the end was super easy to reach (it took me only like 15mins). I never saw any monsters in the game, so I'm not sure what went wrong there. The robot was pretty nice. Anyways, I think it would help out the game a lot, if there was more stuff to do.


    1 - Not a fan 2 - Meh 3 - Okay 4 - Good 5 - Love it!

    GAMEPLAY - 2

    GRAPHICS - 3



    SOUNDS & MUSIC - 2

    THEME - 3

    TOTAL - 19/30 (Okay)

  • Tough game, with strengths and shortcomings

    A tough game - This seems playable, especially thanks to the COMP unit which is very helpful and helps document the game. But it's probably super hard for one person to beat this game- as noted in the OP, it seems like multiplayer is going to end up being more playable. Hence, perhaps a version suited more for singleplayer would be useful in the future.

    One sad part for me is that the land is mostly barren and rather repetitive/boring: but personally I think the mapgen sort of makes up for that, as the mountains are really quite good.

    A problem I noticed is that you can get the mobs stuck on your head - they'll spin around on top of your head without damaging you at all! I had maybe 5 of them on top of my head this way- a potential fix is making them have collisionboxes.

    Also, gui_hb_bg.png is missing.

  • Engaging base defense game

    I got wrecked... but the gameplay is well paced and fun. The assistant is cool and helpful, I only wish it was equipped with a torch, too ahah. The soundtrack is nice and varied, there is voiceover for the robot and powerful abilities in your arsenal, to boot! You can turn defensive nodes into their reinforced counterpart, and even repair damaged ones. The enemies will keep you on your toes and you should use your time wisely to prepare for their arrival.

    On first playthrough, I was able to acquire the meteors without issue before night fell and thus win, so I was a bit confused; then I waited a bit the second time and the aliens proved tough to beat, maybe too tough if playing alone (I never actually fought them off successfully, due to time constraints). I only found a warning for a missing texture, it's pretty stable.

    Overall, I found this mini-game very original and polished, I can recommend it if played with your friends.

  • You mine 5 meterorites, that's it (game is probably still WIP)

    Overall result

    I'm sorry, but no recommendation, this is way too incomplete, too little gameplay. This looks like a prototype tho, so I'm still interested to see where this game will go in the future, if it is continued post-jam, because I'm kinda curious about the concept.


    Sadly, there is not much you can do yet. Probably this is another prototype for the game jam. Your main mission is to collect 5 asteroids with the "power hammer" tool and then you win. :-( And you basically just have to wait until they randomly drop from the sky. The mapgen is also very, very simple and mostly, although the MASSIVE ravines look really cool. I was promised an alien fight but even after 3 playthroughs I never encountered them. (?????) I like that you have a companion, the C.O.M.P. Unit. This reminds me of some really old-school sci-fi stories. There are special abilities you can use with your two tools, but what use do they have if there is nothing to fight? :(


    I was pleasantly surprised. Interesting art style and use of contrast which sets the world apart from default Minetest Game textures. The game logo could still do some work tho.


    This one had a surprise: It has speech output for your companion "C.O.M.P.". And the music seems to be composed and created by the author as well. Very nice! Even if the music is a bit simple, I really like that someone made music for the game specifically for the game jam.

    Stability / Performance

    The game is stable. It greets me with an harmless error message about missing river water, but not real bugs. I had no performance problems on a >10y computer. 60 FPS effortlessly.

  • simple, but short

    playing this game was interesting. while it was quite simple, it was quite informative with nice chat prompts and a helper that followed you around. perhaps more immersion could have come from interacting with the bot that follows you around, as it didnt really seem to do much. also, the content was rather short, finishing it off in 10 minutes, with nothing to really do after that.

  • Nice music, confused about the gameplay

    Reading through CDB I've discovered that there are hordes of aliens to fight but honestly I'm stuck at the initial "collect 5 X nodes" quest. I've explored the world quite a bit, finding just 3 of those nodes, and it turned quite repetitive jump after jump. Also, I think that instructions at the beginning could have been shorter.

    The pet following you is cute, the music is spot on. But I can't seem to experience any gameplay



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