Plastic Texture Pack

A simplistic texture pack that portrays the world of Minetest in bright, solid colors and low detail.


Download (436 KB)

How do I install this?

Admire Minetest in a low-detail, colorful style with this cute texture pack. Build, mine and more with simplistic and smooth blocks. See the official forum for a complete list of supported games and mods.



Do you recommend this texture pack?

  • a simpler simplepixel

    like the style of the Simplepixel texture pack , but think it does not look simple enough , this is the texture pack for you

  • Textures of my dreams!

    The simplicity of this texture pack reduces the load on the visual centers and allows for more performance in other sections of the brain.

    To put it simple, it unwinds my rusty strained springs and lets my visors rest.