EZ Voxel Builder

Allows player to easily place, remove, copy and paste nodes (blocks) in bulk.

Work in Progress Building Mechanics and Tools

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How do I install this?

EZ Voxel Builder

This mod is designed to make placing, removing, copying and pasting Nodes (Blocks) easy. Simple commands are used to expedite the creation process. Once enabled, the mod works as follows:

  • Bring up the command terminal (/ key by default)
  • Type 'b' for Build or 'c' for Copy followed by 3 parameters (ie. /b 10 10 6)
  • The parameters are 'Nodes Forward' 'Nodes Right' 'Nodes Up'
  • Note that parameter directions are based on the direction facing, not a specific direction like 'North'
  • The first position starts with the node immediately in front of the player
  • Using /b 10 10 6 will build a structure 10 nodes forward by 10 nodes to the right by 6 nodes tall
  • Note that the structure built will be of the node currently being wielded by the player
  • If not wielding anything, the 'structure' built will be of "air", effectively deleting an area of nodes
  • Using /c 10 -10 6 will copy 10 nodes forward by 10 nodes to the left by 6 nodes tall
  • A negative number for parameter 2 will cause nodes to be built to the left instead of to the right
  • A negative number for parameter 3 will cause nodes to be built below instead of above
  • Once an area has been copied, the player can type /p to paste the identical area in a new location and rotation
  • If desired, type /pm to paste the copied area as a mirror image of the original
  • Type /u to undo the previous build or paste action
  • Type /help for more information



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