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Simple mod that adds a configuarble level of lighting to all blocks in the world, both default and from other mods.

I wrote this mod for debugging my ore generation allongside my xray mod, however I now play with this mod in survival too.

If you find any incompatabilites please let me know and I'll try to work around them or list them here.

You can set the minimum emissive light level below which the block is made to emit said light level.
For gameplay I recommend 4, for debugging mods or exploring underground worlds in creative I recommend 9.
Will work on all blocks including under ground. Enjoy!

WARNING you may have to fix lighting on loaded areas after you remove this mod or change the light level. Feel free to create a new map to experiment on and see what level you like best before adding to your world :)



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  • Great idea, but doesn't work as expected

    My eyes hurt no more while playing MT in caves, thats good!

    But newer chuncks are unlit, or completly dark! Cannot fix this issue with //fixlight /fixlight or /fixmap

    The code is very simple, and should work as expected ! Can someone please point out why this is not working.

    local level = tonumber(minetest.settings:get("light_level")) or 4
    minetest.register_on_mods_loaded(function ()
        for i, def in pairs(minetest.registered_nodes) do
            local light_source = def.light_source
            if light_source == nil or light_source < level then
                minetest.override_item(i, { light_source = level })
  • breaks sunlight

    When enabling this mod, minetest seems to break sunlight (it always looks like nighttime). maybe air being set to glow is the reason?

    • This mods will cause the sky to turn black
  • Soft lighting

    In softer lighting, playing is more beautiful, but also darker