doorbell by Miniontoby

A doorbell mod with sound


"Doorbell" created by me

I have made a doorbell mod with a doorbell and a delete tool.


When you push the doorbell there is coming a doorbell_sound only at the person who's hosting the server or only singleplayer.


Doorbell_locked {

\ | -


Doorbell {

w_b w_b w_b

w_b w_w w_b

w_b w_b w_b


Delete tool {



Doorbell 3D {

\ m_s -


Doorbell mesecons {

\ m_m -


Doorbell digilines{

\ d_l -



I have made It when I was just ten years old, but when I was thirteen years old and I made the delete tool I made the delete tool because I couldn't delete the doorbell.

You can use the delete tool for every node.