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How to make your own Blockbomber arenas

1) Download this game 2) Make a new world, enter it. in creative with damage disabled. Note the world name. The red corner is the origin.

a new world

3) Build you arena. Floor nodes can only be placed on the floor, other nodes can only be placed above it. Set worldedit position 1 at the origin by standing on it and sending the command:


set position 2 such that it contains the arena. //2

arena made

4) Save your arena with:

//mtschemcreate <arena_file_name> <-- replace everything in brackets and the brackets themselves with the filename of the arena

5) get a pen and paper

6) move to each spawn position, and set position 1 there //1 That will send you the location of the spawn in chat. Write it down

spawn recording

7) move to the spectator position. Set position 1 there and write down the spectator position.

The spectator position should be above and in the center of the arena.

spectator recording

8) now, open the game files. You will find a sample mod inside the folder <minetest_folder>/games/blockbomber_editor/sample_arena_mod

Rename the my_arenas mod to whatever you want to name your arenas expansion pack as.

edit mod.conf inside the mod to change the name

9) navigate you your worlds folder. Find the world that you made for the editor. open the schems folder inside.


copy the schematic that you made

paste it in the schems folder of your mod


10) open the init.lua file in the sample mod

it looks like this:

local modpath = minetest.get_modpath("my_arenas")
local schemdir = modpath.."/schems/"


    name = "My Special Arena", --the human readable name of the arenas
    author = "YourName", --the author of the arenas
    schem = schemdir.."myarena.mts", --the replace with the name of the schematic
    min = 2, --minimum players
    max = 4, --maximum players
    spawns = {,y,z), -- the spawn locations, needs as many as max players

    }, --a table of spawn locations
    spectator_pos =,y,z), -- spectator position, should be above and in the center of the arena.

11) Replace the information according to your needs.

  • modpath at the top of the file change the mod name inside get_modpath

  • name

  • author
  • schem replace the name.mts part with the name of the file
  • min and max players
  • spawns You need as many spawns as max players. You should have these written down. replace x,y,and z and copy the line over as many times as you need to define all your spawns
  • spectator_pos enter the spectator position you wrote down

12) you can add as many arenas to your mod as you like. when finished, release your arena expansion pack mod on the forums and/or github and/or Contentdb and then ping MisterE to update Blockbomber with your mod :D



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