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A staff can be very powerful in the hands of a martial arts master

Punch other players with the pushstick to shove them far away. Right click with the stick to vault yourself up over walls to escape your pursuers. Sneak+punch to sneakily switch positions with nearby players and throw them over your shoulder! Knock all the other players off the board to win!

Setting up an arena:

Sumo mod by MisterE for use with arena_lib (minigame_lib) You should be familiar with how to set up arena_lib arenas.

Code snippets from and from Zughy's minigames

to set up an arena, create a confined space that floats in the air, with lava or other damage blocks beneath. Set the spawners on the platform. You can use mesecons to make the board more interesting.

In this game, each player gets a tool that pushes other players... the goal is to knock all other players off and be the last one standing. Each player has 3 lives

Basic setup:

1) type /sumo create <arena_name> 2) type /sumo edit <arena_name> 3) use the editor to place a minigame sign, assign it to your minigame. 4) while in the editor, move to where your arena will be. 5) Make your arena. There should be some type of platform, with a lava pool underneath to kill players that fall off. 6) using the editor tools, mark player spawner locations. Protect the arena. 7) exit the editor mode 8) type /minigamesettings sumo 9) change the hub spawnpoint to be next to the signs.



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  • Very cool game :D!!

    I really love this game!! It's really simple: Punch other people outside the map :D!! With this simple rule you have also some skill for example swith the position of the player who push and the pople has been pushed and bug jump :D

    I really recommended this game :D! Fun guaranteed ** !!!