For Minetest 5.4 and above

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Minetest Edit Mod


This mod named edit allows copying, pasting, filling, deleting, opening and saving 3D areas. Schematics are loaded and saved from .mts files located in the world sub folder schems.

This mod was inspired by the Fill Start and Fill End blocks in Manic Digger.


Name Item ID Image
Copy edit:copy
Paste edit:paste
Fill edit:fill
Open edit:open
Save edit:save
Undo edit:undo




Copy Tool


When the copy tool is placed at opposite corners of an area, they select the area as show in the figure. The copy tool uses the location under the placed position. When the copy tool is placed for the first time, a marker entity is placed. To cancel the copy operation, punch the entity marker. When a copy tool is placed a second time, the selected area is copied and the entity marker is removed.

Paste Tool

The paste tool is used for pasting the area copied by the copy tool or a schematic loaded with the open tool. When a paste tool is placed, the copied area or schematic is placed at the corner of the paste tool. The copied area can be rotated by punching while holding the paste tool.

Fill Node

Fill nodes are used to fill a 3D area with a certain item. Start by placing two fill nodes at opposite corners of the desired area. The selected area includes the positions of the fill nodes themselves as shown in the figure.

Once a second fill node is placed, a dialog appears listing all items in the players inventory. Clicking an item will cause it to be used used for filling the selected area. Clicking on a blank slot will cause the selected area to be filled with air. To cancel the fill, press the "X".

Open Tool

Right click with this tool to load .we or .mts schematics from the the world subfolder schems for pasting. Large .we files may fail to load.

Save Tool

Right click with this tool to save the copied area as a .we or .mts schematic in the the world subfolder schems. .mts is the native schematic for Minetest. However it does not support node meta data so some nodes will not be properly saved. For example, the contents of a chest will be missing. .we is the WorldEdit format. It supports node meta data but it produces much larger files than .mts. Large .we files may fail to load.

Undo Tool

Right click with this tool to undo a world modification like filling or pasting. Use a second time to redo the undo. Only the most resent world modification can be undone.



If the copied area has a larger number of nodes, some nodes will be randomly excluded from the preview.


The maximum volume of any edit operation. Increase to allow larger operations.


When the fill operation has a larger volume then the specified number, fast node fill will be used. To disable fast node placement, set the threshold to be equil to the max operation volume. To disable slow node placement, set the threshold to 0. With fast node placement, callbacks are not called so some nodes might be broken.


Edit tools and nodes can only be used by players with edit privilege.


MIT by MrRar check the license file, this mod was started by MrRar, minetest-mods community.



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