Boulder Dig

Creates gameplay for the game Boulder Dig (inspired by Boulder Dash). Find the boulders and gems scattered throughout the regularly generated world. 2nd option is more densely packed levels.

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Boulder Dig mod Copyright (c) 2024 Neuromancer

Amoba content is a slightly tweaked version of the mod mykota by xevin, Stepan Krapivin

The intent of this mod to introduce some of the fun of the 1984 game Boulder Dash.
Adds the ability to tunnel through dirt simply by walking through it. Adds boulders that will fall on you if you are not careful when tunneling. It also makes dirt layers deeper by default (30 nodes rather than 3).

Goal: you are trying to find as many purple gems as possible. For each level after you collect a certain number of gems you get a different number of points for each one you touch. For now, the score & high score are just logged in the chat.

There are 2 modes, one you can just find the boulders and gems scattered throughout the regularly generated world. The other option is to play in more densely packed levels that are more similar to the original 2D game. To do that:

  1. Create a new MinetestGame world with the following settings: Mapgen= flat, and uncheck all flags.
  2. type "/level 1"
  3. place the running man block that was added to your inventory and left click it.
  4. You will be teleported to the starting point in the level
  5. Hold a torch in your hand so it's lit as you burrow into the level.
  6. Continue to subsequent levels by collecting enough gems and finding & touching the animated exit node or typing "/level 2" etc. (there are 7 levels so far)

Note: To make finding it easier, the exit node will always be on the bottom level and near to the edge of the level. If it is red, you need to find more gems until it turns green before you can activate it by touching it.

Note: If you want to tweak or create your own levels, study the init.lua. One of the more important lines is: {"build_level", 30, 30, 30, .1, .05,8,.7,8,.7,8,.7},

To understand what this does, the names of these parameters are: run_command_name = "build_level", x_size, y_size, z_size, boulder_chance, gem_chance, cobble_every_x, cobble_chance_x, cobble_every_y, cobble_chance_y, cobble_every_z, cobble_chance_z

The 3D element of minetest makes it very different from the game Boulder Dash. At this point it doesn't have all of the elements of Boulder Dash, but it does incorporate enough of the basic mechanics that you can play around in and have some fun with.

Note: If you want enemies to deal with, also enable animalworld & mob_biome_mapper mods.

Future enhancements include: 1. Adding a setting to specify how often the boulders spawn (scarcity) 2. Hud to display gem count & score.

Boulder Dash: The original game.

Boulder Dash gameplay can be seen here:

The plan is to have all of these "boulder_dig" mods function as stand alone mods so that they can combined in other ways with other mods to work with and create other games.

From [Wikipedia] :

Boulder Dash takes place in a series of caves, each of which is laid out as rectangular grid of blocks. The player guides the player character, Rockford, with a joystick or arrow keys. In each cave, Rockford has to collect as many diamonds as are needed and avoid dangers, such as falling rocks. When enough diamonds have been collected, the exit door opens, and going through this exit door completes the cave.

You can play it here:

Have fun!



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