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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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Petroglyph Maker © 2024 Neuromancer

This mod is essentially a customized version of the GGraffiti mod by © 2022 Gregor Parzefall

This Minetest mod adds chisels that lets you create your own petroglyphs on desert stone nodes. It requires at least Minetest 5.6.0.


  • Chisel pixel-by-pixel on desert stone
  • Chisel with custom colors using the RGB chisel
  • Different sizes: Chisel up to 3×3 pixels at a time
  • Remove chisel marks with the eraser-like "remover" chisel or by digging the chiseled nodes
  • Respects protection mods
  • Compatible with Minetest Game and MineClone 2?


Stone Chisel

Press and hold the dig button (the left mouse button) to chisel. Press the place button (the right mouse button) to change the size.

After some time, the chisel will break.

If you are playing on Android: For the best spraying experience, enable SettingsAll Settingstouch_use_crosshair.

RGB Stone Chisel

A chisel can that can leave behind any 24-bit RGB color and thus in all colors supported by Minetest. Press the place button (the right mouse button) to change the selected color.

Petroglyph Remover Chisel

A chisel can that removes mistakes. Essentially an eraser.

If you want to remove a lot of petroglyph at once, you can simply dig the affected nodes and place them again. This will remove all petroglyphs that are on them.

  • nc_paint by Kimapr
    Something like this, but for NodeCore.


© 2024 Neuromancer © 2022 Gregor Parzefall

Source code (everything except image and audio files) available under the GNU AGPL version 3.0 or any later version, media (image and audio files) available under the CC BY-SA 4.0.

This licensing means, for example, that if you use a modified version of this mod on your server, you must provide the source code of that modified version to your players. For more information, please read the licenses.




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