Rock Piles

Adds rock piles which generate randomly on the surface and in caves


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Rock Piles mod by Neuromancer based on Loose Rocks mod by Eduardo Mezêncio


Code: GPLv3 Texture and models: CC BY-SA 3.0

see LICENSE.txt

'textures/loose_rock_inv.png' is copied from 'nodetest_rock_item.png', from the game Voxelgarden by Casimir (CC BY-SA 3.0)

This mod adds Rock Piles to Minetest.

  • Rocks piles generate naturally on the surface of the world and in caves
  • Collect Rock Piles with bare hands
  • Desert Rock Piles generate in deserts
  • Craft a Cobblestone with 4 Rocks Piles in a 2x2 grid (same with Desert Cobblestone, using Loose Desert Rocks)
  • A Cobblestone will give you 4 Rock Piles
  • Also great for decoration!
  • There are a variety of Rock Pile sizes
  • Walking on rocks sounds like walking on gravel

Have fun!



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