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colored_concrete (Stable)

Colored concrete in 16 different colors


colored_concrete_enable_aliases (Enabled aliases) bool true

enable or disable aliases for old mod versions


v1.1.0: Fix nodename problems (double ":"), fix settings detection, add chinese translation

v1.0.2: Just code style

v1.0.1: Added a setting to alias the old nodes (enabled per default); fixed broken translation; general improvements

v.1.0.0: Rewrited node and crafting register functions

v.0.5.0: Translate stair+ names

v0.4.0: Unifieddyes is now optional

v0.3.2: Minor changes

v0.3.1: Fixed a false German translation

v0.3.0: Translation support for German and English

v0.2.1: Moreblocks is now optional

v0.2.0: Changed name to colored_concrete

v0.1.0: First release




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