Noriel Sylvire's Minerals Core Mod

An API for automatically registering recipes, nodes and ore generation.

Work in Progress Developer Tools API / Library Mapgen / Biomes / Decoration Survival Tools / Weapons / Armor


How do I install this?

Version: 1.1 Licenses: Code: LGPL 2.1 Textures: CC-BY-SA, CC-BY Read license.txt for more information.

NorielSylvire's Minerals Core depends on the nslib mod. Remember to install it if you are planning on using this mod.

Nsmc contains an API for automatically registering everything related to an ore, or mineral.

This API can colorize premade grayscale textures for you, so you don't even need to make textures for this mod to add in items, you can just choose a color and a name for each mineral and that's it!

If you don't even define anything about the minerals, not even a color, this API will still generate ores, tools, recipes and everyting, using white textures and copying the stats of the iron material.



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