A 12 multiplayer racing game with multiple/upgradable cars, coin system, and more. Very WIP.

Non-free media Work in Progress Multiplayer-focused One-of-a-kind / Original Transport

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For Minetest 5.5 and above

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The game's development has been stopped for a while, but in a few months, I'll hopefully start working on it again.

A 12 multiplayer racing game with multiple/upgradable cars, coin system, and more. Built by Panquesito7 (David Leal), Pixel852, Crystal741, and other Minetest contributors.

Please note that this is a work in progress game and is still in ALPHA stage. This game is multiplayer-focused, currently, there is no A.I.. It's recommended you play LAN or on a public server. We will soon host a Minetest server and will let you know about it! More awesome features are coming in the future. Stay tuned!

🛠 Installation 🛠

  • Unzip the archive, rename the folder to panqkart and place it in ../minetest/games/

  • GNU/Linux: If you use a system-wide installation place it in ~/.minetest/games/

In order to keep Git modules (which some of them are mods on this repository), you will have to clone the repository using Git.
You can download the Git software on this website:

git clone --recurse-submodules

If you're downloading through ContentDB, there's no need for this command.

🏁 Making your own maps 🏁

❕ A new guide will be created soon as well as a multiple-map system.

If you want to make a new level/map for our game (or just for yourself), that's amazing! We have basic tools list below to get you started.
In the future, we will add multiple maps which will playable! Thank you for your interest in adding back to our community.

I recommend the following tools/knowledge for the same:

  • Streets is one of the greatest streets mod for Minetest out there. It's fully customizable and includes street signals, concrete, asphalt, and so much more things.
  • Map Tools is a great utility mod that includes lots of special nodes used for building, moderation, administrator pickaxe, and more.
  • Minetest Forums: Map Category, which can help you in getting inspired by other maps or levels. Don't forget to check out its licenses before doing anything!
  • WorldEdit is an ultimate in-game world editing tool that can help you build faster and better.
  • More Blocks includes 100+ special blocks with different functionalities that help you make better buildings with more efficiency.
  • Tree Capitator, which destroys the whole tree when you destroy the root trunk.

To add special modifications, such as animals, special overrides, the in-game builder privilege, etc., you may want to install the servermods modpack in your server.

Note: the maptools:white and maptools:black nodes are used when ending a race.
Hopefully, we will soon make a detailed tutorial on making your own map!

As always, if you need any help, do let us know about it and we will be glad to help!

Coming soon!

📜 License 📜

See for full license information.



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