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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Want to use this mod for API purposes? Enable the API mode in your Minetest settings!

Adds many types of vehicles.

A merge of all the vehicles from:

  • "Mesecars" by paramat.
  • "Car" by Esteban.
  • "Boats" by PilzAdam.
  • "Hovercraft" by Stuart Jones.

  • 28 vehicles currently.

  • All CAR01's can carry 3 passengers.

  • Disable vehicles by going to your Minetest Settings.

  • Adding new vehicles is a simple matter of:
    • Create/acquire vehicle model and textures.
    • Create, and name appropriately, a new .lua file on its appropiate folder for the vehicle based on one of the existing ones.
    • Add a setting in settingtypes.txt for users to enable/disable it.
    • Change settings in the file you created to reflect the new vehicle.
  • Add a new line to init.lua to load the vehicle dofile(minetest.get_modpath("vehicle_mash") .. "/NAME_OF_VEHICLE.lua")



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