Hades Revisited back-compatibility

Make old Hades Revisited world compatible with new versions of Hades Revisited (from version 0.7.0 to 0.13.0).

Complex installation World Maintenance and Tools

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For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?

Compatiblity mod for Hades Revisited. This mod allow worlds from version 0.7.0 to be upgrated to version 0.8.1 or 0.11.0.

Use configuration value hades_compatibility_list:

Aviable combinations in list (git commit/Hades Revisited version):

  • f185358->2f2fb4d - Version 0.7.0 to commit 2f2fb4d
  • f185358->828b9c9 / 0.7.0->0.8.1 - Version 0.7.0 to 0.8.1
  • 828b9c9->ca1de77 / 0.8.1->0.11.0 - Version 0.8.1 to 0.11.0 (Mod Mesecons for Hades Revisited can be used as replacement of removed mesecons mod)
  • ca1de77->88f74ff / 0.11.0->0.13.0 - Version 0.11.0 to 0.13.0 (Mods can be used hades_travelnet, hades_boost_cart, hades_extravessels and hades_3dforniture as replacement of removed mods. Set parameter hades_compatibility_flowergrass to true, if you want flowergrass to be keeped in your world.)

Default value of hades_compatibility_list is 0.7.0->0.8.1,0.8.1->0.11.0,0.11.0->0.13.0



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