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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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With this mod, you can get a player skeleton by digging player bones. If you want to create a charnel-house to memory your dies, this can make it look better. This mod includes support for mobs_animal. Bones can be used by bonemeal mod for crafting fertilizer.

Add possibility (Have to be enabled by configuration) to drop more variants of the player skeleton (skull). Can depend on the player's diet, kills, or luck.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Creepy and decorative

    Awesome to use as a skeleton in a doctors' office, or as a nice touch to a haunted house. A simple mod (and a pretty cool mechanic with the variants of skeltons), that can be used in a varitey of ways.

    10/10 Building

    8/10 Survival/gameplay

    A must for players that like decorative and useful features!

  • Interesting!

    The skeletons are well done. They definitely look very good. The hit boxes are insanely outlined with the actual skeleton, to me a very nice feature, even though that probably took a really long time to complete. The sheer amount of skeletons kind of overwhelmed me, but I do definitely like the mod.

  • It's good for survival, but it has a detail that makes it a little irritating.

    I like this feature, as a decoration or useful for making bonemeal.

    But in my opinion I think that the skeleton hitbox should be simpler, like a block; Since when you point at the skeleton it doesn't look very nice, it is also intricate to build with them. Because commonly I point to one of the faces but the block is placed anywhere else.

    Postscript: The models are extremely well made, only the hitbox is the problem.


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