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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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Adds multiple spawner blocks. There ara no ABM's used and this modpack is developed with focus on the best multiplayer online server performance.

Currently it works with Animalia, Mobs Animal and Mobs Monster, but other mob mods can be easily added via API.

Spawners Ores

Let the player craft ore Spawners. Ores are spawning randomly in a short intervals and you get 10% more ores from inputed ingots. Ores are spawning only in default:stone so make sure there is one around. This MOD is giving the option of creating lumps back from ingots.

Spawners Mobs

Let the player craft Mob Spawners. Mobs are spawning randomly in a short intervals. This MOD is giving the option of creating mob farms and grinders.

Spawners Environmental

Adds environmental spawners to the map. When enabled, the spawners will be added to newly generated Dungeons and Temples. They are dropping a real mob spawner by change (very small chance).



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  • works good

    this works good, but maybe make the spawning happen faster.

  • Perfect for doungens & quick and easy to use

    I think this mod is one of the finest mods out there right now! It's very easy and simple to use and it also generates mob spawners in doungens which makes doungens more challenging! Not only that but also it gives it's own set of mods which I really liked, you can also add spawners for your own mobs too! This mod truly is something else.


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