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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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Add more bows/guns and arrows to Minetest using X Bows API.

Just some quick examples for usage of X Bows API. New items are not in any way balanced, fine-tuned or pretty. This means that some of the sounds, recipes, damage... might not be completely finished but the main goal of this MOD is to demonstrate the API usage.

If there is strong desire from others to balance or adjust the items I can certainly do so. Code contributions are also welcome.



Bow training

Training arrow with NO (or little) damage. Compatible with all arrows from this MOD.

Bubble gun

Shoots bubbles. No damage.


Very strong and dangerous weapon. Needs TNT mod for explosions.


Bazooka bullet

Ammo for bazooka.

Bubble gun bubble

Ammo for bubble gun.

Arrow training

No damage arrow - just for trainig.

Arrow rip

Bury player or entities under ground.

Arrow flyup

Fly players to the air and let them drop.

Arrow cluster

Shoots cluster arrow.

Arrow torch

Places torch.

Arrow teleport

Teleports player to location where the arrow hit the ground. If player or entity is hit they will switch places.

Arrow knockback

Pushes players/entities with high power away.

Arrow healing

Damage points to players/entities will be added as hearts to you.

Arrow poison

Dealing damage for 5s but will not kill the target.

Arrow lightning

Strikes lightning damaging sourrounded objects/players, setting the striked area on fire (non-spreading).



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