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Say Goodbye To Dirt Scaffolding

About the Mod

Getting sick of using dirt as scaffolding? If so this is the mod for you.

This mod adds Wooden scaffolding and Iron scaffolding to minetest

The wooden and Iron scaffolding allows the player to go up and down like a ladder when the wooden and iron platforms allow you to wall along. If you want to remove the scaffolding just remove one or the bottom blocks to take the whole thing down.

Wooden scaffolding is cheap and easy to make. However it can be destroyed by hand

Iron scaffolding needs iron, but it cannot be destroyed by hand, and needs a pick.

A Wrench can be used to reinforce your scaffolding. This will stop a long line of scaffolding to fall down. It you make the scaffolding reinforced you can remove it since reinforced scaffolding dose not make the whole lot fall down.

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  • scaffoldy

    great for building larger things and easy to move around :)

  • Would be better if you could use any planks from the wood group

    This mod is so-so. It has it's usage, but if you use any mod that adds environment blocks, you may or may not be able to use this mad as it requires a specific plank that may or may not be in any nearby biomes.

    If you have the needed wood type then it's a good mod, but if you're in a biome or not near a biome that has that type of wood then it's pretty useless. You can oly use this is you find apple trees and not all biomes are near that type like a jungle or desert which is where most people will spawn on their first time and who knows how far you will have to go to find it without creative.