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For Minetest 5.2 and above

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Cost per use potions teleport system designed for survival servers.



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  • Interesting way to teleport

    Interesting.. i like how the costs of these potions are balanced, makes people set teleportations to places, accordingly to how often they visit them..

  • Way too confusing

    The forum thread says to smash the potion to set a warp point. To me, smashing is placing it on the ground then punching it, or holding it in hand and throwing/dropping with Q key.

    The actual way to set a warp point is to right click the potion after it's been placed on the ground. I don't think it's intuitive, and the mod does not indicate in any way that the warp point has actually been placed. Oddly, it does indicate when using a second potion to warp to the set warp point.

    The UI is also broken in unified_inventory to where the background boxes don't match up with foreground inventory items.

    TL;DR: I appreciate the concept but there are some broken things and I don't think this is easy enough for players.