SharpNet Photo Realism 64px

It's Photo Realism pack with few mod support.


Download (35.9 MB)

How do I install this?

It's Photo Realism pack with few mod support.

Easiest way to get it know is to try it.

Video By x2048 with shaders:

You can try experimental version with resolution 256px here:

Games support * Minetest Game (focused on) * MineClone 2 (partially) * Dreambuilder

Cooperative authors: * VanessaE * j0j0n4th4n

Mods support: * Ethereal * Farming * More Trees * More Ores * Baked Clay * Flowers * Crops * Hardened Clay * Basic Materials * Technics And a lot more.. :)

This texture pack is still in development, but pretty playable.

License is Free License, except content used "with author permission" from: "hdx-64-master" texture pack from "VanessaE" where is: CC-By-SA / GPL .



Do you recommend this texture pack?

  • I like it, professional textures.

    The textures have excellent finish and high contrast. The style of the textures seems mediabal to me, which looks quite good.

    Personally I would like a version with a higher resolution, like 128px or 256px. Something additional I can say is that I find it necessary to activate mipmapping; which helps visually and can even improve in-game performance.

  • Cherry-picking some textures for my game

    I'm working on my own Minetest game and I guess many devs know that feeling when you can code but can't draw. The lack of good textures with compatible license hits hard. I took a few from this texturepack so I only have to make small adjustments instead of drawing from scratch. Thank you so much for the texturepack

  • Amazing texture pack

    I would really like if a support for Everness would be added as it adds many cool new blocks and biomes. It would be nice if it had a consistent look.

  • Great photo-realistic texture pack

    You see, it combines three things I like when introduced in TXPs like this one:

    1. Good performance (64px after all)
    2. Photo-realism which doesn't look like compressed something something
    3. Wide mod support

    Many TXPs like this one miss one or two of these. This one, again, introduces all three.

    However, mod support isn't that wide. Of course great job on this was done, but not the greatest. That's why 8.5/10 :-)


  • WOW!!

    This texture pack is jusk 4K I would say love it and it is very beautiful.

  • My favorite texture pack.

    It's a very nice looking texture pack. I'd like to see it continue developement and add more textures that aren't yet covered. Support for more mods would be nice too. Thank you.

  • big potential

    Good, but usually darky