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For Minetest 0.4.16/17 and above

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  • Beautiful texture pack with a clean and consistent look!

    This texture pack is one of my favourites. It contains clean and bright (but not too bright) textures with a consistent look that makes great use of straight lines. The textures mostly seem like they belong together – and some textures even look amazing on their own, like the active furnace.

    The only improvement I can imagine right now would need bumpmapping support in Minetest to support this style more – especially the carpet, leaves and wood textures strongly imply a three-dimensional surface structure but can not actually present that look without engine support.

  • Clean, crisp, and easily navigable

    This texture pack is my personal favorite, and it makes me want to invest in adding additional textures for the other mods that I frequently use so that it all matches up.

  • Best Cartoon Texture Pack

    Very well done. I always play with them