Chest Tools

Shared locked chests with bag support and quick inventory access

Inventory Multiplayer-only

Want to share materials in your chests with others for a common project? Share the areas the chests are standing in with those others - and they can use the chests the same way you can.

Outside protected areas the chests work like normal locked chests.

You can also save a lot of clicks when using these chests. Just click on the button for one of your bags or the craft grid - and access those directly, without having to move items through your main inventory first. Bags can be for example be found in the mod unified_inventory.

"DA" drops all of your entire inventory into the chest with one click. "TA" takes all inventory out of the chest and puts it into your inventory or bag. "SA" swaps both inventorys - you'll get what's in the chest, and the chest will get your inventory. "FA" is filter all - all items from your inventory will be dropped into the chest if there's already at least one of that kind in the chest. Great for organizing storage.

You can also set a label for the chest which will become visible when you point with the mouse at the chest.

Supports pipeworks.

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