BetterPM is a minetest mod that improves private messages. It is completely customizable but also ready to use.


All these values can be changed in the file settings.lua

  • target represents who receives the message, sender represents who sends the message.
  • You can customize message text color by changing targetMsgColor and senderMsgColor.
  • You can customize prefix color by changing targetPrefixColor and senderPrefixColor.
  • You can customize the prefix text by changing targetPrefix and senderPrefix. You can use {target} and {sender} placeholders to respectively represent the target and the sender names.


  • /msg <name> <message> to send a private message to name.
  • /w <name> <message> as an alias for /msg
  • /r <message> to reply to the latest private message you received.


The icon was created by Giov4.



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