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For Minetest 5.3 and above

How do I install this?


  • Create an NPC
  • Delete an NPC
  • Despawn created NPCs without deleting them
  • Respawn created NPCs (can spawn copies of the same NPC and every copy will be updated when one is changed)
  • Custom name and name color
  • Custom texture
  • Custom messages (the NPC will cycle through them and send them in order every time a player right clicks the NPC)
  • Can bind name and texture to a specific player (skins_collectible needed)
    • You need to change line 224 on skins_collectible on file api.lua with player_api.set_textures(player, {loaded_skins[skin_ID].texture})
  • NPCs stare at near players
  • Geolocalize your custom messages

How To

I have written an How To on the forum post, you can check it out here



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Just Visiting the Folks

    I looked for an NPC mod that I really liked for a while. What I like about folks is the simplicity & customizations. NPCs can be set to use any player skin & configured to "say" different phrases. I think it has a lot of potential & could probably benefit from being able to set custom actions when interacting with NPCs.

    I have come across one bug where changes to an NPC are reverted after the server is restarted. But it only occurs on the most recently created one. So as long as you create at least one more NPC, & delete it before restart, the bug can be avoided. The author seems to be active, so I am sure the bug will get fixed eventually.

  • Love it; please expand though!

    This is a pretty awesome mob creation tool; I just wish that you could set behaviors too. I've been on a search for hostile mobs that are a good match against me, as well as allies (especially when using the ranged weapons modpack) and it would be cool if the NPCs in this mod could use tools and weapons, as well as possibly wear armor and mine. Keep it up!