• Create an NPC
  • Delete an NPC
  • Despawn created NPCs without deleting them
  • Respawn created NPCs (can spawn copies of the same NPC and every copy will be updated when one is changed)
  • Custom name and name color
  • Custom texture
  • Custom messages (the NPC will cycle through them and send them in order every time a player right clicks the NPC)
  • Can bind name and texture to a specific player (skins_collectible needed)
    • You need to change line 224 on skins_collectible on file api.lua with player_api.set_textures(player, {loaded_skins[skin_ID].texture})
  • NPCs stare at near players
  • Geolocalize your custom messages

How To

I have written an How To on the forum post, you can check it out here



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