blackhole containment box

cool swirvy gravitational blackhole boxes, that can be used to "ahnialate" enemy bases, or for "deforestation" aah i love abms! (extra dramatic!))

Creative Player vs Environment (PvE)

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this mod adds blackhole powerboxes these powerboxes are stable, but once rightclicked the node will open up and swallow all nodes,items, and entitys. becoming very unstable, the nodes below the box will not be affected, so it does not end up in the air floating, the blackhole box will effect nodes in a 20/20/20 sized cube around the node, and nodes will drop, then will be pulled in, i pute shocking/scary, cause it can be scary to see everything youve built get pulled into a blackhole. to close the box, just punch the node, then all of the drops the blackhole has sucked in will be dropped right next to the box. swirvy pull factor!



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Very scary (i find loud sounds skerry)

    Solid 10/10. Does what's promised with an extra twist: items picked up by the gravitational field don't just stupidly approach the containment box linearly but SwIrL arOuNd iT like a quantum tornado!

    It could be 9/10, but the sound of the box opening/closing scared me so much that I even inspected the source code (line 268) to see why are the sounds global. Perhaps they aren't and they are just so damn loud! Because of extra horror, this earns an ironclad 1000000/1000000!

    Plus the model... A talented fellow you are, I opine.

    I could've missed this mod on the contentDB page, but my SCP-tuned brain automatically reacted to 'containment'.