lil lizard pal

a mod made by a very smart person, adds a node based lizard in a glass box to the game. (he can die if you dont feed him)

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this mod adds a realistic pet lizard, that will teleport to different places around the ,cage/box/bin, imma call it bin, but dont forget to feed him, or he will get sad and eventually die. more animations, and crafting recipies will be added very very soon.... this is my first mod.

-------ps. can someone please fully explain how to fully export .b3d (with working animations) from blender, whoever gives me the info i need will get a little something in my next mod, clue on my next project will be added into the mod as a (not_in_creative_inventory) item, .... i am counting on you guys, thank you for using my mod:)

-----if any one else has any info on how to export .b3d (with animations) please do tell, i need all the info i can get



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  • Great Mod.

    I have been waiting for a decent lizard mod, I'm glad one finally came out! I love how similar it is to an actual pet lizard. Amazing job!

  • happy lil liz

    i hve always dreamed of successfully containing SCP-682, and today is my lucky day; more to that, i can not only successfully contain the happy gecko and even feed it with as happy little worms and have fun with it but even kill it; that is, with this mod i can now neutralize the unbeatable lizard

    but in the end, it will haunt me in my worst nightmares, it will make me go through hell i made it experience

    But for reals, don't f with the gecko. >:(

    EDIT (UPDATEZ): Hey, Bro, I have heard that you are in search of a method to export animated b3d cartoonies? Jabroni, today is your lucky day:

    long storiez shirt: apparently one must add a skeleton and animate it, instead of animating the mesh itself; try boning around with bones in blender! and hav fun (i will be very unhappy if u don't fun >:(