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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Fork of X Bows by SaKeL, edits made by StarNinjas

NextGen Bows [nextgen_bows]

Currently includes a Wooden Bow and arrows.


  • bow will force you sneak when loaded (optional dep. playerphysics)
  • loaded bow will slightly adjust the player FOV
  • bow uses minetest tool capabilities - if the bow is not loaded for long enough (time from last puch) the arrow will fly shorter range
  • arrow uses raycast
  • arrow has chance of critical shots/hits (only on full punch interval)
  • arrow uses minetest damage calculation (including 3d_armor) for making damage (no hardcoded values)
  • arrows stick to nodes, players and entitites
  • arrows remove them self from the world after some time
  • arrows remove them self if there are already too many arrows attached to node, player, entity
  • arrow continues to fly downwards when attached node is dug
  • arrow flies under water for short period of time and then sinks
  • arrows adjusts pitch when flying
  • arrows can be picked up again after stuck in solid nodes
  • registers only one entity reused for all arrows


  • none

Optional Dependencies

  • default (recipes)
  • farming (bow and recipes)
  • 3d_armor (calculates damage including the armor)
  • playerphysics (force sneak when holding charged bow)



GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 or later (see included LICENSE file)


CC0 by StarNinjas 2021


Creative Commons License, EminYILDIRIM,

  • nextgen_bows_bow_load.1.ogg
  • nextgen_bows_bow_load.2.ogg
  • nextgen_bows_bow_load.3.ogg

Creative Commons License, bay_area_bob,

  • nextgen_bows_bow_loaded.ogg

Creative Commons License,

  • nextgen_bows_bow_shoot_crit.ogg

Creative Commons License, robinhood76,

  • nextgen_bows_arrow_hit.1.ogg
  • nextgen_bows_arrow_hit.2.ogg
  • nextgen_bows_arrow_hit.3.ogg

Creative Commons License, brendan89,

  • nextgen_bows_bow_shoot.1.ogg

Creative Commons License, natty23,

  • nextgen_bows_arrow_successful_hit.ogg



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Nice bow mod

    it would be great if compatible with animalia mod

  • English

    Great mechanics

    It has great mechanics, but it shoud be a crossbow, not a bow. It removes the weird stuff from the original mod.

  • Probably the best bows mod as of today

    It tries to simulate physics, arrows stick to the surface they hit, proper sounds. Nice :D

  • Works in a heavily modded game

    I've tried the X Bows mod before this one, and ran into a problem where the arrows in that mod wouldn't fire. It just consumed the ammo.

    However, seeing this mod is a fork off of that one I had to see if this one worked. And it does work! Now I can fire arrows off at enemies and monsters within caves or at night. I'm definitely keeping this one in my mod list, thanks so much!

    One mod conflict I have come across is that mobs from the Animalia mod, when shot, have absolutely MASSIVE arrows jutting out of them. I've tested other mobs from other mods that I'm using and the arrows are all normal sized. My guess is that the Animalia mobs have something that scales them or their dimensions up causing this visual issue. Nothing to do with this mod.

  • Works great

    similar to X_bows