WorldEdit HUD Helper

Displays the name of the node you're looking at & your rotation in your HUD. Banish the debug text forever!


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WorldEdit HUD Helper [worldedit_hud_helper]

A helpful HUD that shows the name of the node you're pointing at and the direction you're pointing in. Makes using WorldEdit (and WorldEditAdditions!) that little bit easier :-)

Despite the name, it doesn't actually depend on worldedit at all!


After installing the mod and restarting your server, you should see it appear automagically above your hotbar.

To toggle its display, use the //hud command - it takes no arguments.

Chat Commands

worldedit_hud_helper provides 2 chat commands:


Toggles whether the HUD is shown or not.

//hudoffset <offset_in_pixels>

Adjusts the vertical height of the HUD. For example, to adjust it to be greater (higher up on the screen), do this:

//hudoffset 50

The default value is 0. You can reset to the default value like this:



  • v0.1: 14th September 2018
    • Initial release.
  • v0.2: 16th September 2018
    • Fix undeclared global variable access.
  • v0.3: 2nd May 2020
    • Fix potential bug in raycast
    • Ignore wielded_light:* nodes when raycasting
  • v0.4: 31st May 2021
    • Fix deprecation warning for getposget_pos (#2)
  • v0.5: 31st July 2021
    • Add //hudoffset [<offset_in_pixels>] chat command to adjust the vertical offset of the HUD (fixes #1)
    • Persist per-player settings to disk (per-world)


This mod is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0, a copy of which (along with a helpful summary as to what you can and can't do with it) can be found in the LICENSE file in this repository.

If you'd like to do something that the license prohibits, please get in touch as it's possible we can negotiate something.



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