Parachute (sum)

Adds parachutes. These are reusable but require you to craft to pack the parachute into your bag.

Survival Transport

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This adds a parachute to the game. There are three items added:

  • packed parachute which can be deployed mid air to safely descend
  • empty parachute bag
  • parachute material itself

Depends on playerphysics, so make sure you have that installed!


Crafting guide image

Crafting relies on MTG or MCL for item names, but the actual parachute works regardless of game.

  • parachute bag = 7 x leather, 1 x string (or wool + string in MTG)
  • parachute material = 3 x (canvas / wool), 2 x string
  • parachute = parachute material + parachute bag

The parachute is somewhat controllable. Think of it as a cheap, less convenient elytra. You can't take off from the ground with it, so it's only a safety measure such as on floatlands.

Shift to dismount, forward and backward and mouse to steer.

Air Currents

This also implements sum_air_currents. In strong wind, the parachute is much harder to control if air currents are installed and enabled.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • The parachute I was looking for

    This is the parachute I've been waiting for a long time. I almost decided to do it before. With this one, we can all jump from the Ju52 to a real skydive!!!

    Congratulations and keep the good work!

  • It works and looks cool

    It was a bit confusing to start with, because instructions were not provided in the description. Please add them! You have to be sufficiently high enough (probably >20 nodes) for it to activate. The second you fall, start holding right click with the parachute in your hand. After a couple seconds, the parachute will appear around you (looks great!) and you will start to fall slower. Once you reach the ground, you should take no damage. I can see this being very useful if you fall off a floatland, a plane (like from APercy's mods) or an airship. Thanks for making such a useful mod!