Parachute (sum)

Adds parachutes. These are reusable but require you to craft to pack the parachute into your bag.

Survival Transport


How do I install this?



This adds a parachute to the game. There are three items added:

  • packed parachute which can be deployed mid air to safely descend
  • empty parachute bag
  • parachute material itself

Depends on playerphysics, so make sure you have that installed!


Crafting guide image

  • parachute bag = 7 x leather, 1 x string (or wool + string in MTG)
  • parachute material = 3 x (canvas / wool), 2 x string
  • parachute = parachute material + parachute bag

The parachute is somewhat controllable. Think of it as a cheap, less convenient elytra. You can't take off from the ground with it, so it's only a safety measure such as on floatlands.

Shift to dismount, forward and backward and mouse to steer.

Air Currents

This also implements sum_air_currents. In strong wind, the parachute is much harder to control.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • The parachute I was looking for

    This is the parachute I've been waiting for a long time. I almost decided to do it before. With this one, we can all jump from the Ju52 to a real skydive!!!

    Congratulations and keep the good work!